stefan pavlović

stefan marko pavlović is a filmmaker based in nyc | ams.

2016, 30min

a nomadic film tracing music across armenia.

02.06.17 dok'n'ritam film festival, belgrade, serbia

27.09.16 "Armenian Sound Through Film", Kino Moviemento, Berlin

2016, 10min

Pearl is being cleaned out and washed. And we are falling in love.

09.08.17 la guarimba international film festival, amantea, calabria, italy
18.10.16 newfilmmakers, anthology archives, new york, usa
13.10.16 Boston short film festival - BSFF Best Underground Short Film, usa
10.04.16 NexT International film festival, bucharest, romania
25.10.15 Martinique international film festival - best documentary award
18.01.15 Lisbon international film festival - portugal
25.12.15 Sydney world film festival, australia

2016, 30min

When a girl burdened by motherly fantasies comes by a baby boy, she witnesses her desires and those of her companions languor in the gulf between imagination and reality. Alone once again, she wanders the neighborhood streets, parks, and markets of a metropolis haunted by the promise of love and its farewells.

04.09.16 garden city international film festival, bengaluru, india
30.10.16 Jehlum Short & Long Film Festival - bangalore, Karnataka
08.09.16 Manhattan Independent Film festival - new york, usa

2014, 40min

A modern-day relationship shown in three different stages,
from an impulsive meeting to an inevitable end.